Ranec Energy SolutionsRanec Energy was established to address the issue of epileptic power supply in Nigeria by providing clean, sustainable and affordable  renewable energy to homes, corporations and remote locations.

We consult, design, install and maintain solar power systems (off grid and on grid), IT power systems and industrial energy generating plants.We also carry out energy audits and technical training.

We also have certified electrical /electronic engineers and project managers with vast experience in renewable energy projects. With offices in Lagos, Abuja, PH and Warri, we are proximal to our customers and provide instant support through our engineers scattered across Nigeria.


We specialize in street light deployment, solar water pumping systems, energy supply for homes, offices and telecommunications. We also specialise in wind turbines and hybrid systems with solar, wind and conventional generators.

Our solar panels are of advanced semi-conductor, high precisions, hail-proofed, has weather-conditioned and guaranteed for 25 years.

Ranec Energy Solutions