RANEC Energy is a supplier and an Authorised Distributor of German /USA and UK power/Energy systems. All our products come with about ten years warranty and is maintained, supported and upgraded by us.

Some of our Products are as follows:

Ranec Energy Solutions

Solar Panels: RANEC Energy (Germany) Polycrystalline Solar panel or the Mono-crystalline solar panel for your solar power projects. They are durable, maintenance free and can last up to 25-30 years of constant use.

Inverters: RANEC Energy (Germany) Inverters are rugged and solidly built in Germany with new cutting edge technology in Germany. Our inverters are already well known, tested and trusted for years by our customers in Nigeria.

Deep Cycle Batteries: RANEC Energy Deep Cycle Batteries are reliable, efficient and durable .Our partners in battery manufacturing are SEC ENERGY STORAGE,EXIDE, VARTA, TESLA and other big names in the deep cycle battery manufacturing circles.

Solar Streetlights: RANEC Energy solar street-lights are made in Germany and of high-quality and can last for years without maintenance. We have used RANEC Energy solar streetlights to power up many rural and remote areas and they still work till date.

Ranec Energy Solutions

Solar Charge Controllers: We also stock and use a wide range of highly-efficient MPPT charge controllers and PWM charge controller made in Germany for our projects.

Solar Powered Water Bore-Holes: RANEC Solar water pumping equipment is used because of its effectiveness. It’s also affordable, very easy to install and to maintain.

Other Products: RANEC also stock and sell Cabinets, Fast Chargers, Portable Solar Generators, Solar Glowstar Lanterns, Solar Outdoor Floodlights Solar Runway/Taxiway Lights and other Power/Renewable Energy Solutions.